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Call it a quarter life crisis but I was given my first Vinyl half a decade ago as a birthday present and the following day I went out and bought two more of my own. From this, a passion sparked, a collection grew and my bank account swiftly emptied.

It’s 2020. My then meagre amassment now borders on medium and I feel my incessant ramblings on records should be better suited to a webpage. So here we are… In Tune Music; a celebration of exceptional upcoming talents in the UK’s ever-growing music industry and a platform forged from this idea of new music ‘speaking’. With this in mind, lest this page be considered some sort of lesson in elocution. However you listen to music.. whatever you listen to.. and for whatever reason, it’d be great to hear your likes and dislikes, favourites and thoughts.

The following reviews will showcase anything from album art to reviews, track picks to zwicky kicks. Some of my collection is iconically well-known and others, just curveballs thrown in for great measure. One thing they all have in common.. they all sit patiently on my shelf waiting for a spin.

So mind the latin.. but this is Vox Monaura.. and these are my sound stories; inspired by a new found record reverie and A LOT of reckless buying.

Next Up:

💿 Tracy Chapman (Album) – Tracy Chapman (1988)
📀 I Forget Where We Were – Ben Howard (2014)
💿 Selling England by the Pound – Genesis (1973)
📀 Parallel Lines – Blondie (1978)
💿 Random Access Memories – (Pt 2) Daft Punk (2013)

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