London and Madrid based artist and producer Sila Lua has taken the urban music scene in her native Spain to the streets of London. Influenced by the most experimental trends in electronic music, her exploratory style of blending dark almost haunting vocals with heavy latin inspired drum rhythms creates something extremely original and altogether fascinating.

Her latest body of work features her newest single Hecate, which is the first in a series of songs inspired by mythological or historical female figures. Citing some of her inspirations as Flying Lotus, La Chica, Juan Molina and Sevdaliza, Sila continues to rise in the Tidal Charts, featuring on 3 of the biggest latin playlist the platform has to offer, which means people are rightly paying attention to one of the best up-and-coming urban artists around. Other notable past releases include Nada and La Mucho, reflecting her beautifully delicate vocal delivery with mysterious, captivating instrumentation following behind. 

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