Off the back of his debit Album ‘Eccliptic’, Lincolnshire-born Duccbod is pushing to release new and exciting content in 2020. Combining moody rhythmic jazz notes with a soft, delicately muttered vocal delivery, his earnest lyricism portrays the artist we hear in the music, expressing, as we all do, our most visceral feelings; accompanied by consistently alluring instrumentals.

Born Ryan Skidmore, Duccbod was driven to create music from an early age in some form or another. On a personal level his first trio of releasees ‘Give Up’, ‘Clutched Up and ‘End’ represent a sombre narrative, capturing the fragmented nature of social interaction, and the ways in which we find ways to cope through times of hardship. Influenced by the likes of The 1975, Lil Peep, Sublime and Post Malone The artist himself stated ‘theres an unlimited amount of music that contain different values and ideologies, so why stick to one when you can take inspiration and motivation from them all? With plans to move down to the capital on the horizon, it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing a lot more music from an artist that I believe can reach the very top!

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