North-London Rapper Ayite has once again successfully traversed the eclectic combination of jazz, soul and electronica, blending poetic lyricism with refined, billowing instrumentals to offer an introspective taste of Alternative rap. Exclaiming ‘All we have is time’ in his latest release ‘Smoke And Mirrors’, the statement is true to the cause; watch this space.

Giving a classic nod to 90’s Hip-Hop, Ayite’s sound is reflected in the balance of old school tones and modern algorithmic instrumentation. While the melody may reflect a soulful image, the words carry more complicated meanings, leading to a successful contrast in emotions at various points; cast by the conflicting tone in words and sonics. After a recent appearance on the Shotgun The Aux podcast, Firstson stated “I don’t want to make it sound like a throwback for the sake of it”, underlining the idea that combing genres to creating something original has been a well engineered project; rather than a spontaneous decision. The summer of 2019 promises to be a year to remember, with more content in the pipeline and most significantly an opening Main Stage slot at Sundown Festival. The sky’s the limit for Ayite and I fully expect him to reach the stratosphere in the coming years. 

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