Alanna Matty Reveals Her Ardently Charged New Single ‘Little Dreamer’

Alanna Matty

The Canadian songstress jazzes up the contemporary folk handbook in this radiantly breezy tale of emotional vulnerability.

What classifies a dreamer? Someone yearning for something yet to be fulfilled, or an impractical soul who romanticises over the tantalisingly improbable? Either way, you cannot be a doer if you are not first a dreamer, and Alanna Matty is an artist that falls effortlessly into that bracket. 

Her latest sophisticated and polished vignette details the starry eyed magic of youthful aspirations, where the precious feeling that nothing is impossible lives unperturbed in the starry eyes of every kid. It’s stylish yet reserved, piggybacked by the nonchalance of Lana Del Rey as the ostentation of Lorde lingers in the background.

With a voice softer and more delicate than driven snow, her fragrantly brittle delivery soothes like a tender lullaby, inaugurating a reverie that renders you into a blissful transcendence. If you live in a fantasy world, you’re not worrying much about reality, and that is the exact feeling that Matty has kindly bestowed amongst her listeners.

In adulthood, realism rarely has a day off, and we often lose sight of those invaluable pipe dreams that led us to believe that we could achieve anything. Little Dreamer may dress itself up as a tale of introspective fragility, but I see it as something far more triumphant and emphatic. They say ‘a star does not compete with other stars around it; it just shines‘, but in this instance, Alanna Matty has glistened that little bit brighter than the rest.

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