Maki Flow Has Respendently Arrived In Her New EP ‘Can’t Act My Age’

Maki Flow

In the course of 6 dazzling chapters the disco-pop guru has framed the fickle nature of juvenescence in zealously ostentatious fashion.

When it comes to sonics, Maki Flow isn’t your typical antiquarian. Behind the bombastic drums and timeless synths lies an indelibly stylish individualist. Brimming with fluent ingenuity, this latest sumptuous harvest affirms everything we already know about her; and reveals a smidge that we didn’t.  

Can’t Act My Age leaves little to be desired as it frolics and cavorts within the kaleidoscopic walls of avant-garde exuberance, baring the juicy fruits of modern instrumentalism. It’s clear to see that our artisan has clasped at the ‘you’ll never be younger than you are at this very moment’ sentiment, but in her playful exuberance this vivid compendium of candied treats and sonic delights represents the sparkling offshoot.

Inaugurated by the colloquial bangers of Better Off Alone & Everything I’m Not, we’re thrown head first into a burnished bowl of anthemic earworms and perky saturation that gorges on unadulterated glee. Here Maki revels in her own self-respecting imperfections, limelighting the fragile credence that comes with juvenescence. It’s righteous and spotless at the same time, floating atop a deluge of lyrical introspection and glitzy bubble chords. The entire first 7 minutes sucks you into a vivacious utopia, with Maki narrating from the plush confines of a multicoloured chesterfield, basking in bamf energy.

The remainder of the punnett follow suite, albeit in slightly different flavours and shapes. The kittenish charm of Odd Socks tugs at the arms of satire. Flamenco-style guitars drive the fervent intensity of Complicated Creature and Eraser details an earnest memorandum to her future self. At the bookend we have 6pm, an acoustic lament cocooned within an eggshell of vulnerability, chipping away at the gilding of the foregoing tracks. It’s a palate cleanser that reveals a humanistic side to the woman behind the microphone that the others chose not to disclose.

Despite fraternising mercurially through the musical ether, pop is a haven Maki has always felt wholly comfortable in warping, and that translates into every breath. doesn’t feel manufactured, instead its a passion project. London via Rome. A route traversed by the industrious hoard of plucky centurions long before the age of smartphones and climate change . Fast forward 2,000 years and a similarly assiduous entity follows in their footsteps, minus the galea of course.

All things considered, this EP is a statement and a body of work as candid and as fascinating as it’s creator. “Can’t Act My Age” she says, well I almost don’t want her to.

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