Molly Green Unveils Sassy New Instalment ‘Hands On My Body’

Molly Green

Sounding fresher than a 4pm cosmopolitan, the illustrious Bristolian has returned with her finest piece of work to date.

If you were to make a list of Molly Green’s tastemaker advocates, you’d probably run out of ink in your pen and hours in the day. The peppy free spirited west-coaster hasn’t arrived, but returned, and with zesty intentions.

Harnessing the righteous bite of Greentea Peng and the soulful piquancy of Joy Crookes, her refreshing brand of Neo R&B continues to evolve with a delicacy and poise that soothes as it captivates. On paper it would seem this is just another fanciful oeuvre for the easily allured, and yet lurking behind its cavernous soundscape is a deftly clever and purposely concealed effort to veil itself in pseudo-retroism. 

It goes somewhere completely different, funks it up a bit, and although there was much dispute on whether to keep it and if so, how to make it work, I am so glad we did because I just love it. It’s unexpected and why the hell not!

From arrangement, to instrumentality, it breathes with timeless charm.  The reverent use of the Fender Rhodes, forever ingraining it within the granular essence of 70’s sensibilities. Green’s seductive and breathy cadence akin to the esteemed figure of Etta James. It all emanates the impression of an artist far beyond her years without forcing the issue of trying to be something she isn’t. 

If you’re looking for versatility, then look no further. Or rather you’re on the hunt for authenticity, then you needn’t send a search party, it’s right in front of your nose.

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