Diana Goldberg Unleashes Stylish New Offering ‘FYI’

Diana Goldberg

Spurred on by an emancipatory agenda, the Munich-based prodigy flaunts her indomitable spirit in this empoweringly catchy spectacle.

What do you get when you cross bad b**ch energy with sonic prowess? enter Diana Goldberg. 

Leaning into the darker realms of pop, the 25 year-old singer-songwriter has assembled a kaleidoscopic brand of synth-infused goodness too inviting to resist, and this latest instalment is another delicious example of the songwriting adroitness that has made her one one of the hottest prospects around.  

Songs are one of humanity’s oldest forms of self-expression and ‘FYI’ has embodied this sentiment with an assertive peck on the cheek. It’s emotive and enthused with passion, fired ardently from the lungs and heart as opposed to the notes page of a undervalued ghost writer. In abbreviated terms, it saunters passed the NVM tag and waltzes straight over to the OMFG pile and places itself provocatively on top, almost like the glace cherry atop an ostentatious sundae.

“FYI is a reply to people who disrespect boundaries and use their work position to get away with it. The song empowers anyone who ever dealt with sexual violence or harassment. It is not your fault and you’re not alone. #metoo”

Orchestrated by the oscillating shuffle of flickering hi-hats and twitchy synth stabs, Goldberg’s ironically cute and provocative persona details the habitual issues that women face in modern society. With an evocative flick of the hair and a gleaming grin etched across her face she seeks to promote a call to action against these callus perpetrators. Fight fire with fire, and if that doesn’t work, pen a zealous anthem to curb the issue.

There’s been an ascending buzz around Diana and her sumptuous discography for a while now, so it’s only a matter of time before that glass ceiling breaks, and FYI… you should be on the look out when it does.

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