Dexxter & UNNIQ Release Their New EP ‘Need Girl’

Dexxter and UNNIQ

Returning to the fore with a beatport exclusive release of rave-ready beats, the Brazilian duo have blessed us with a sizzling two track EP on the Material Series sub-label Materialism.

With a spring in its step, the A-side Need Girl kicks the record off with an uplifting and soulful burst of four-to-floor exuberance. While the southern hemisphere might be in winter, Dexxter and UNNIQ have used the power of imagination to embellish their tropical roots into a polyrhythmic feast fit for any summer terrace party. Though the arrangement is relatively simplistic, the end product is a joyously emphatic venture into the minds of two vituoistic producers that continue to make seismic waves in the South American tech house scene. Booming kicks, flickering hats, baleariac-inspired vocal harmonics. It’s a box of tricks and flicks that’ll circulate through clubs across the world.

On the other side of the coin we have the B-side, Interference. Where Need Girl lacks the presence of melodic hardware, this arpeggiated synth-led floor filler picks up the fallen baton and runs like the wind. From the outset it’s heavier and darker, saturated with a booming sub-bass and granular low-end. It’s a closing set kind of track, driven by a dark, sweaty club energy that syncopates with a filtered rhythm, accentuating a palpable sense of a unpredictability. Dexxter and UNNIQ have covered all bases, from psychedelic to alluringly simplistic, it all melds together in what is an extremely impressive new instalment from the dynamic duo.

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