Pylons Unveil Music Video For Path-Breaking Latest Offering ‘The Chase’


The Capital dwellers’ slice of introspection hits in an increasing number of formats following tonight’s scintillating visual unboxing. 

A few short weeks after sending out ‘The Chase’ to the masses, Pylons are teeing up the start of an audacious string of multimedia releases with this ocular . We are immediately thrown into a state of confusion and disarray as the features helmsman is catapulted through the night in reverse. Flicking past numerous dreamlike peers, the character can be seen in pursuit, but who is following whom?

Furthermore in true Pylons fashion we are treated to an extravagant live performance, in which each member of the band looms inside a crate seemingly closing in on the exhibition recessed. The only thing that is certain in this story is that Pylons are king developers, the next vignette will surely answer as many questions as it will introduce new ones.

This accompanying visual stimulus is the first of six to follow alongside their hotly anticipated debut EP; Thanks For Coming, set for release in the Autumn.

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