Goodnight Goodbye Return With Their Peachy New Offering ‘Hello Honey’

The adroit kinship have sought to remedy the crux of deforestation in this crystal clear showing of glistening dream-pop.

Kings Of Leon, The Beach Boys, HAIM. All glaring examples of sibling powerhouses; now its time to add Goodnight Goodbye to that esteemed list.

Within a glossy sphere of illusory introspection, this record cocoons itself within a honeyd magnetism that gets better with every listen. The jangly elasticity of chorus-doused guitars, waves of euphonious counter melodies and intricate polyrhythms, it all exudes a tropical sensibility that washes over you with an invigorating mist of vitality.

Boasting a clean and crisp production throughout, the instrumental obtains and snug and rigid structure as tight as clockwork. Consequently the marriage between percussion and bass is seamless and masterful. In the dream-pop world, these boys aren’t just bought the t-shirt, they own the factory. Shroud in a romanticised diction ‘Hello Honey’ details those make or break seconds during a first encounter with a potential, as breathing vocals permeate the soundscape as if they were being expelled by the lungs the wind.

‘Hello Honey’ was conceived – say the band – “We’ve been playing around with this song for a year now but it feels like the right moment for the world to hear it now. It’s a bit of a cheeky tune, about a flirty moment between some friends – it’s a fine line between close friends and something more! often after a few drinks those lines are blurred.”

Now residing in the sun-kissed tuscan hills, the brothers continue to live by the sentiment that ‘more is better’, and I for one thinking we should be thankful that their musicianship is so gregarious.

Now I feel like I’ve exhausted my complimentary adjectives. There’s nothing more I could add that would accentuate this shimmeringly flamboyant piece of work, so from me, it’s Goodnight & Goodbye.

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