Alas de Liona Returns With Her Reflective & Hymnal Lead Single ‘Cascade’

Alas de Liona

In one ethereal outpouring, the America via Scotland singer-songwriter has produced a subtle but emotional portrayal of loss and the bitter-sweetness of linked memories, leading you through a celestial aural landscape, entwined with her haunting vocal performance.

Modesty is a rare and precious quality, a golden facet that can sometimes be misconstrued for meekness; Alas de Liona is the antithesis. With harmonies that could melt an iceberg, this latest endowment finds itself in a familiar territory to the rest of the glistening EP; flowing with a grace as soothing as a soft summers evening.

Cascade is a delicate, introspective track with harmonious chorale qualities, but it also showcases Alas’ beautiful vocal dexterity, soaked in subtle mosaic of guitar and keyboard. Originally from the Mojave Desert in California, the songstress spent the final year of her university studies in Edinburgh where she now writes and performs her music. As lockdown struck during her stay in auld reekie, she moved to Perth to stay with a friend. Her new EP ‘Radio Astronomy’ was the bi-product, inspired by Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and a collection of space lullabies and cosmic fairy tales. ‘Cascade’ is the lead song from the EP, which is clearly influenced also by her experiences of quietly wandering through the peaceful, pastoral scenery surrounding Perth; perfect for quiet reflection on a still day.

“The World is Changing and the Earth Feels Unsteady Beneath Our Feet, But We Are So Fortunate to Have Music to Anchor Us”

Early impressive performances in pubs around Edinburgh led Alas to be taken on by The Proclaimers manager Kenny Macdonald, and it comes as no surprise as to why. Released earlier this month, the sparkling EP was recorded in Leith by Idlewild guitarist, Rod Jones, who also features on it, supplying ancillary pockets of sweet-stringed goodness.

If you do anything today, make sure you check out her writing and directorial debut in the charmingly polished accompanying video, it’ll leave you as stirred as spring tide waters.

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