David Burnett Projects A Wistful Vision In His New Single ‘Picture Palace’

The indie-folk virtuoso has vividly transported us to a bygone era in this melodic and nostalgic portrayal of his simple desire to take his belle to the Picture Palace. 

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona and now residing in Madrid, David Burnett is an intriguing and talented constructor of diarised and introspective indie-folk. This record extols his beguiling, warm vocal tones and accomplished acoustic guitar playing, augmented by a creatively woven violin that breathes with a youthful aspiration. It’s a perpetual story – young, in love, looking to build a magical future for you and your girl. You’re stoked with confidence, feeling bold and positive, but still, you’re afraid you may fail. He is a teller of stories and is clearly passionate that his songs matter to those who hear them.

The Biggest Lesson For Me This Year Has Been Learning to Put My Music Out Into the World; to Believe in the Songs and Their Power to Convey Emotion and Deep Feeling to Strangers

He plays and sings with charm and feeling and you can hear this in his authentic performance. Originally a jazz saxophone player in his teens, he swapped this for guitar; first electric and then acoustic. Picture Palace paints its own engagingly descriptive image of an era when life was tough and pleasures were simple, but the future could hold so much more. This song is the title track from his recently released debut album, and it promises to take you on journeys as vivid and visual as any movie at your own ‘Picture Palace’.

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