Brendan Cope Reveals Glittery New Offering ‘Detour’

Brendan Cope

Bearing resemblance to a pop soaked descendant of Alt-J, the zany multi-instrumentalist dispenses a one-size-fits-all portion of pétillant synth-pop.

As the animated capital of America’s beaver state, Portland is a city embellished with hidden gems, and in Brendan Cope I think we’ve unearthed another glistening specimen.

For the fans, his raison d’etre is simple and altruistic; the chance to escape reality, albeit for only a few minutes, but we’ll take that anyday. Detour offers the power of comprehension a change of scenery as it basks in the glory of its fluid purpose. Accelerate it to 28 bpm and it’ll melt into the track list of any minimal house set. Slow it down & you’ll have the successfully created the brooding soundtrack to those magical sun-kissed road trips that you’ve been yearning to go on. Call me old fashioned, but i’d opt to keep it as it is. If it’s not broken, don’t try and fix it, and it certainly isn’t broken.

As a 20-something gingerly head towards his third decade, Cope dismantles the crux of vulnerability with an overarching slap of glistening vibrancy. It’s buoyant and luminous, meandering confidently through an ether containing heavyweights James Blake, Bon Iver, FKA Twigs. The syncopated cuts of mellifluous choir chops bubble and pulsate with the polyrhythmic flux of ornate breakbeat, slowing down on the odd occasion to catch its breath. Now i’m no Karen when it comes to auto-tune, but vocal processing is a delicate beast that can border on imprudent when not used correctly. However in Detour, Cope’s jellied inflection enhances the heightened euphoria within the dreamscape, almost as if it were being sung from the depths of a subterranean rock pool.

As a sophomore release, this esoteric slice of mechanical electronica seeks to zig against the zag of the mainstream. Cope is so masterfully cute with his arrangement you can’t help but feel like a kid in a sweet shop, and I for one am hankering for another sweet and sugary instalment.

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