Easy Wanderlings Shake A Leg In Their New Offering ‘Makin’ My Move’

Easy Wanderlings

Frozen in the middle of a 70’s discotheque, the polished foursome sport flares and tie-dyed shirts as they detail the evolutionary impact of cyber dating.

Scroll, swipe, dwell, choose, repeat. It’s a cycle that has become ingrained in modern dating. Superficiality is the consequential product of technology’s own innovation. Easy Wanderlings know this, in fact they’ve written an entire song about it, and a really good one at that. I’d go as far as to say that to label it as ‘good’ would be an insult, so I’ll save my faux pas and bring a few more adjectives to the party.

It’s organic, buoyant and ultimately joyous, sparkling without dabbling in the propensity to distract. To introduce timeless and contemporary subtleties to each other is a well traversed methodology, but executing it is a completely different ball game that the Pune-based collective have truly mastered. 

Zealously wiping the tropical froff of a pina colada from its mouth, Makin’ My Move rises from within the leather upholstered cocoon of a nearby VIP booth, brimmed with a electric vigour as it blissfully pirouettes onto the glass covered LED dance floor. A thick layer of fog forms from the suspended haze machine, plunging the scene into an iconic snippet from Saturday Night Fever. Sprawling lasers beam hues of purple rain and tron turquoise onto the ostentatiously hung glitter-ball, sending flashes of vertical iridescence across the room. 

This neo-take on traditional disco is warming and enthusiastically retro, confidently plucking a cocktail umbrella from an unattended margarita and proceeding to strut across the room with a indelible gloss, minus the falsity. With four-to-floor intentions and boogying on its mind, pop and funk have provocatively undressed themselves, flashing it’s features at splashes of traditional indian percussion in a homage to the quartets motherland.

Platforms adorned, Easy Wanderlings have unclipped the stanchions and rolled out the red carpet, leaving no stone unturned on their way to administering their candied dose of serotonin. As a taste of their upcoming EP ‘Caught in a Parade’, Makin’ My Move ticks every box and surely launches itself into the cubby of every summer playlist in existence.

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