Ted Jasper Drops Colourful New Single ‘All Mine’

Nurtured under the esteemed roof of House Anxiety, the west-coast maestro has left the DAW ajar and taken another brazen step into the limelight.

Whether spurred by a desire to enthuse or distinguish, Ted Jasper does things differently. Habitat conditions behaviour, and in the sheer cliffs and steep valleys of Cornwall, he found his penchant for captivatingly ambiguous production. With a tea towel wrapped zealously over his artistry, you could say the Cornish coast loosened the metaphorical jar while Bristol’s musical Mecca of opportunities opened it.

Starting with a blank canvas allows for creative expression, but that first brush of paint had to be perfect; and it was. Palette in hand, Jasper sought to condense the magical simplicity of lo-fi into something more eclectically substantial, melding the grit of east-coast hip hop with down-tempo house and the creaminess of lounge jazz

Fast forward to the present and his latest sparkling exhibition beautifully showcases these values, juggling a host of sonic contradictions in a dazzling spectacle of instrumental prowess. It’s dusty yet crisp, dreamy yet sharp, all the while reimagining the electronic sensibilities that inspired him from the start.

“I love that this song on the one hand seems to say ’I’m so powerful, I’m everywhere, it won’t take much for you to be mine’ whilst also being completely obsessive, begging to be close yet simultaneously bragging that this closeness is inevitable. John Givez really finished the picture I was trying to create, when he sent his verse it put the biggest smile on my face. He brought this whole new dimension of textures and meaning that I couldn’t have created myself. The stars really aligned with this feature.”

You could go as far as to say that collaboration has become an artists best friend, and this record fully endorses this sentiment. Alongside buckeye state native John Givez, Jasper has fully extended the frontiers of his own limitations, producing a sun-kissed slice of post-genre that emits an aura as free spirited and playful as its creator. In a city primarily known for its underground scene, the multi-faceted prodigy continues to make seismic waves above the surface.

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