Pylons Return With Their Ebullient New Offering ‘The Chase’


London’s newest mavericks have proven once again that when it comes to sonics, they are millenial maximalists.

Picture the tumultuous nature of trying to keep up with it all, seeing the future speeding away as you wonder why you are are still in the rear view mirror. The 21st century zeitgeist is a stern courtesan that capital dwellers Pylons know all to well.

Encapsulating the never ending spinning-wheel of modern day life, the free-spirited quintet have returned to the fore with their zealous and ever-consuming new instalment. ‘The Chase’ draws from a compendium of indie-rock facets, blissfully unafraid to chew the meat and spit out the bones.

“I think the only way to keep up with the game of life is to stop keeping up entirely. We made The Chase to spite the new world mediums and to remind everyone that you’ve got to be okay with just existing. The world has started to feel overly romanticised and skin deep to the point of being cosmetic, but living is a creative expression that this single pays homage to.


They say you can’t have your cake and eat it, but it seems they’ve unapologetically misheard. Mondegreen aside, their matryoshka doll of influences boils alternative indie down into its salient essentials, fusing the psychedelia of Tame Impala with Arcade Fire’s punchy pop-tinged anthology. It’s gloriously garish at times, gorging on a polished smorgasbord of splashy distortion, and vibrant synth-work.

This overstuffed slice of introspection is the first in a trinity of singles to grace the airwaves before the release of their debut EP ‘Thanks For Coming’ in the autumn. With a refreshingly laissez-faire attitude and an arena-grade sound, Pylons have addressed an enthralling memorandum to the unsung.

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