Gabrielle Ornate Unleashes Kaleidoscopic New Single ‘Do You Feel?’

With an incandescent smile etched across her face, the free spirited bohemian has produced a no holds barred spectacle of spellbinding alt-rock.

Come with me and dive into the archives of youth for a second. Did you ever have the pleasure of indulging in a sherbet dib dab? You know the one. That uncompromising and effervescent glisten of the blush coloured powder you’d gleefully plunge that hard candy stick into. Now combine it with those toxic waste sweets that would blow smoke through your ears and you’d be some of the way to understanding the mastery of Gabrielle Ornate. 

Judging by her newest spectacle of organised chaos, it would seem the enigma is something of a confectionist, or did I mean perfectionist? This single makes it hard to tell the difference. Do You Feel? admonishes lethargy, taking the irony of turbulent grace and coating it in a palpable lacquer of inexhaustible energy. But instead of wearing itself out, it revels in vitality. I follow the words of every 14 year old surfer when I say it’s ‘radical’

As square peg in a round hole Ornate has defined her surname, embellishing a boho dance of fortitude and eccentrism with subtle bouts of synesthesia. In this multi-sensory exhibition, nothing is impossible. It allows you to easily escape the prison of your own mind and take flight in somebody else’s. You can feel colours and taste sounds. The predictability of reality take a day off, in favour of something more fantastical. A bountiful buffet of instrumentation cavorts aloft a rich and fertile bed of stonewashed distortion that sparks a deluge of fascination and inner reflection.

Do You Feel? doesn’t even need to pose the question, of course we do. But I guess in a sarcastic way it makes perfect sense for a track with no faults.

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