Enrose Bloom & Awaken With Their Soulful New Debut Single ‘Comatose’


With a nod to Erykah Badu, The Big Apple natives have painted a beautifully soulful picture of those giddy feelings in early love.

So, you’ve met up with someone new a couple of times, and. . . . bam! – Cupid’s arrow smacks you between the eyes. You know, when you’re rendered almost unconscious – out cold, helpless and walking through each day in an induced, out of control, breathless slumber. Gabi Rose is the force behind Enrose – she’s a talented musician, vocalist, saxophonist and songwriter from Long Island, New York. Gabi planned her project’s early germination to be as a solo studio project, but that blossomed into a 5-piece outfit. Prior to the pandemic in 2020, she carefully gathered in a small team of musicians who happen also to be wonderful friends.

Playing Other People’s Songs Is Amazing, But It’s Not Mine. I’m Ready To Play Mine Now Too.

Their debut single, Comatose, was written by Gabi in her bedroom and reflects her feelings of helplessly falling for someone. But she’s no rose amongst thorns. The quintet sound accomplished and mature, with great depth and layers in this debut single. A captivating, smooth and alluring vocal performance by Gabi is supported by Jack Navarro on Drums, Kit Benz on keys, Mikey Rotunno on bass and Will Harden on guitar. Gabi plays the sax on the track including a tasty little solo near the end. It’s an authentic sound, dripping with soul and R&B. There’s also an EP in the pipeline for later this year and judging by Comatose, it’ll be a knock-out.

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