House Music’s Most Wanted – BLOC

With a summer promising plenty of opportunity ahead of us, Lincoln based BLOC have made a strong start to the gradual return of normal life.

After releasing EPs on Detlef’s Issues label and on Swiss label Pixelate, Tech House DJ and production duo Ollie Drop and Joe Townsley have laid down a marker for underground dance music in the East Midlands. The two track Puppy Love EP (Issues) features the A-side – Puppy Love – a nod to classic Hip Hop sampling accompanied by a crisp drum beat and rumbling low-end. The following ensemble Muddle, includes a signature lead sound throughout, indicative of a leitmotif that Bloc have aimed for throughout both tracks.

Ollie and Joe both are residents at one of Lincoln’s biggest events – Jacked. During their year and a half hiatus from the DJ booth, the pair worked tirelessly on crafting their sound, and I am certain that they are itching to test these weapons out on the Yellow-belly audience. Returning on the 24th july, Jacked features a talent-studded lineup, consisting of BLOC alongside two of European dance’s heavyweights, Dutch duo Toman and Chris Stussy.

Accompanying the release of Issues, the dyad also released their three track EP Connect, a compendium of rhythmic and bouncy hi-hats, chunky snare grooves and hard hitting bass-lines. As the self titled lead single, Connect is one massive escalation of energy, led by vocal pitched sample that gallops into the drop. Journey and Shabba fill the final two spaces, complementing the EP opener with the same vitality heard throughout the record. This sparkling trinity of floor fillers makes clever use of vocal processing, encapsulating a sonic footprint that gets better with every listen.

One might be led to believe that this was the end of their industrious release campaign, but no, there’s more. Their latest EP Get The F*** Up is out now on Driven Records, exclusively on Beatport. Expect more of the same grooves and vibes that their music is becoming known for within the house music scene. The duo have worked hard over the past year, both in the studio and teaching students how to DJ as a part of the Noise Academy. Their efforts have been rewarded with two quality releases, a top 5 chart position in the Tech House Beatport chart and a place on our House Music’s Most Wanted column. Keep your eyes peeled for their future releases.

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