Cooked Sushi Unveils Pop-Soaked New Offering ‘Stained’

Cooked Sushi

Proving that habits are a shirt we wear till death, the solo eccentric replaces cobwebs with midi cables in his fiercely charismatic sophomore release.

“Hold me back i’m headed towards the fire” – Cooked Sushi repetitively screams. Could this be the sound of a tortured artist? No. Just a free spirit venturing back towards a destructive vice. We’ve all got them. Nail biting, skipping breakfast or even the occasional spate of self-deprecation. It’s a cycle that takes a quantum leap to get out of, but for many it’s a hurdle too flimsy resist surmounting.

Behind the whimsical moniker, Cooked Sushi is the multifarious brainchild of Pittsburgh native Carson Arnaiz, an individualist who’s concedes to that very notion. ‘Stained’ bares witness to our protagonists introversion, possessing a futuristic sheen that glistens like burnished metal. Auto tune has gone from parlor trick to production stalwart, piercing through the pop nucleus and shattering its flamboyance into glistening fragments. The iridescent dust has settled, and artists like Arnaiz have gingerly entered the scene, grasping the flickering embers of vocal processing to form his own infectious showpiece.

I couldn’t write this review without some correspondence to the pen name, so here goes. Like a crisp sheet of nori, the crunch-laden drums lay the foundations for all the luscious toppings to slowly meld. Now it’s time to take a step back and admire the luxurious platter of Japanese tapas. Lyrics rawer than the finest cuts of Sashimi. The thick sub bass providing a hot kick of wasabi as chorus drenched guitars wash the palate with that sweet soy glaze. Finally, the belt buckle loosens and satisfaction slowly sets in; warming the cockles like that chilli kick at the back of a spicy tuna roll.

Fondly tipping his hat to the likes of Jeremy Zucker & Frank Ocean, the self-proclaimed emo enthusiast has cloaked the black nail varnish in favour of something more vibrant.

Cooked Sushi isn’t just food-for-thought, and even though i’m not a pescatarian, this is definitely my kettle of fish.

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