Palace Cats Reveal Dreamy New Single ‘Sea Island Cotton’

Savouring a crisp homebrew of velvety psychedelia, Palace Cats have let themselves out of the bag as they moon over toxic materialism.

This opulent feline duo are fed up. The superfluous spending, the gratification of material possessions; it’s all too much. But instead of voicing their grievance in an ambiguous Tumblr post or immoderate Facebook rant, they’ve taken to a peaceful sonic protest.

Covetous culture is an unperturbed one. Constantly feeding the belly of consumerism with a pan fried call to action and served with confit product placement and crispy pop up ads. For those with a vehement allegiance to the quick bargain, ‘Sea Island Cotton’ is clickbait of the highest order. It fulfils what it means to be distorted by consumption, revelling in the spoils of rich whirling organs, fluorescence synths and the unmistakable bounce of a muted bass; self-production never sounded so polished. 

Cast in a serene desert island disc cosmetic, the visionary eclecticism of Frank Ocean conjoins with hallucinatory Australian psych-poppers Pond, gracefully rebuffing the penny pinchers and cheapskates with a nonchalant dismissal. I show mercy to those people, albeit with a condescending undertone, but Palace Cats Joe Doris and James Bowden take pity. It’s wrong to have your cake and eat it. Just like you can’t sell the cow and drink the milk, yet the pair flirt with the idea of moral degradation.

Whether you’re a mall rat or a non conformist, we’re all cut from the same cloth. One adorned with radiant gems of impulse and gilded fibres that never cease to demand attention. Given my previous comments, it would be horrendously hypocritical of me to advocate overindulgence. But in the case of this single? Succumb to your urges, click checkout and enjoy.   

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