Ski Lift Tackle Rationality In Their New Single ‘Moaning Again’

With a reassuring slap, the capital-dwellers have blown away the cobwebs of self-criticism with a short burst of indie-rock induced dopamine.

Life is all about celebrating the tiny victories. Like finding money in your pocket, getting a tax rebate, or even the blessing of a sunny day. It’s a sign of progress that satisfies the reward circuitry in our brains.

Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses. So you have drawbacks, but doesnt everyone? Ski Lift agree, and in humorously rolling their eyes they’ve sought to inspire the cynics.

Yes, we’re all entitled to a grumble, but only as long as those grievances don’t turn into habits; unlike this trio’s idiosyncratic ability to turn an internal monologue into tantalising prose. We’ve covered the message, now shift your focus to the instrumental prowess. Lightly distressed vocals add a raspy grit and urgency, sat above palm muted chugs peppered with the cascading shriek of washed-out guitars. It’s knockout stuff, and this is one sucker punch you’d gladly welcome.

“Moaning Again is an internal conversation – I wrote it during a ‘down’ period, mentally speaking. I suppose I was trying to reason with myself, tell myself that it’s okay not to be okay – that your highs and lows are always relative to wherever your centre of balance is, emotionally. Looking back through the original scrawl of lyrics, there were some darker moments in there that I left out. On this occasion we packaged it up, all-smiles, with an indie-rock bow on top! But even the smiliest, loveliest person can be secretly battling their inner demons.

Alongside bassist Ailsa Tully and percussional guru Jovis Lane, frontman Benji Tranter has deftly delivered a Balboa-eque trumpet call, springboarding ‘Moaning Again’ over the wall of diffidence and into a state of felicity. Amplifying your self-worth is free, which is incredible value for money if you ask me. If you find yourself looking for morale advice, look no further. Slap on this beaming motivational soundtrack and follow Richard Carlson’s prudent reminder:

Don’t to sweat the small stuff, because at the end of the day, it’s all small stuff. 

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