Lex Leosis Shares Breezy Number ‘Won’t Wait’

Blazing a honest trail of amour-propre, the straight talking chanteuse gives vent to the artificiality of relationships.

What does it mean to have attitude? It’s pretty difficult to define if you ask me. Some would relay it as arrogant or disrespectful behaviour. Others a sign of confidence or bravado, but context is key, and the Toronto native has illuminated it in a totally different light.

A flipped lid, a blown fuse, a lost rag, either way Lex Leosis dogmatically rings the curtain on all the nefarious gaslighters out there,all the while placing her own shortcomings on a pedestal for all the world to see. There’s strength in numbers, and even more in collective amity.

Visualise the boundaries of passiveness, now take a hammer and smash them to pieces. You’re staring scorn-faced at your icy reflection in the mirror, administering a personal pep-talk about dignity and pride, when there’s a forceful knock on the door and it cautiously opens. There stands our empowering songstress. Brimmed with a sagacious aura and a calming glint in her eyes.

She gracefully enters with a bluetooth speaker in hand, places it on the adjacent table and leaves without uttering so much as a syllable. The glow of the play button stares you down as you hover your nail-bitten finger over its rotated triangle and press firmly down; now brace yourself for some cold truths, liberating candor, and a sensationally acrobatic lyrical flow.

With a shuffling flock of hi-hats, ‘Won’t Wait’ does exactly that, swiftly converging a locomotion of alternative hip-hop with sulky contemporary soul and four-on-the-floor house. A catalogue of marauding stanzas more refined than the next effortlessly saunter against a shoulder bouncing groove that shambles against bubbling bass hits and latin-infused brass. Eclecticism is a foremost part of becoming an innovator and Leosis hasn’t just ticked all the boxes, she’s rewritten the rules.

Describing the single, she says:

The song was inspired by waiting on a person that I wasn’t sure loved me in the same way I loved them. I think we’ve all been in a romantic situation where you feel like someone is stringing you along. You feel the connection strong when you’re together but distance brings out the uncertainty and you don’t feel as close to them as you once did. I feel like women especially are made to feel ‘clingy and crazy’ when we just want some communication. The best case scenario is that they just tell you how they feel.

When I wrote this song I was at the point in this situation where I was ready to walk away, on some “say something or you’re gonna lose me”…respectfully, haha. This song was all the things I wish I had the courage to say in the moment.

Play with fire you’ll get burnt. That’s the morale of this story. Yet the now Bay-Area based artist possess a welcoming softness that corresponds to her unapologetic on screen etiquette. Shunning the heteronormative constructs of the modern world is valiance personified, and in the hope of inspiring others Lex has motivated herself. There’s no inkling of pious hope. Just an unperturbed desire to revive a confidence that never left.

History will tell you that we’re not wired to tell the truth, but Lex Leosis would disagree.

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