Roleplay Reveals Summer Anthem ‘My Sun’

The clouds of despondency have relinquished their grip in his radiant slice of pop magic.

Cast your mind back to the 90’s, if you can remember that far. The cross-pollination of one hit wonders, the endless flow of ballads and the sweet birth of bubblegum music, I mean, would could forget? One thing’s for sure, Roleplay hasn’t.

Now throw your mind back into the present, frame that perpetual gloss in a latter-day cosmetic and you’d be part of the way to understanding Roleplay’s mechanics. With a shimmering confidence that smothers you in unremitting charisma, the Swedish-born crooner has rekindled the sanguineness of yesteryear, assuming the attitudes, actions and discourse of 90’s pop that her pen name so perfectly denotes.

“My Sun embodies the ecstasy of reuniting with a lost love. I, like many others, felt very isolated during 2020 and writing songs was my way of dealing with that loneliness. I think music has such an immense power to influence our mood, so by dreaming up and creating something hopeful, I stayed sane.”

Looking wistfully over the Harbour Arm stone pier of Margate, My Sun siphons your imagination in concentrated bursts of serotonin, detailing the euphoria of reuniting with a lost love. The rippling wave of cinematic string arrangements accredits the orchestral ambience of Moby, expertly mutated with electronic sensibilities by mix engineer James Greenwood (Daniel Avery, Foxes), a mastering guru John Davis (Gorillaz, Lana Del Rey).

They say you have to take the rain with the shine, but Roleplay is a gleaming exception to that rule.

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