Hive Society Dim Down The Lights In Their Unruly New Single ‘Opaque’

Using the art of malaise, the alt-rock quartet have exquisitely framed the eerie quality of incoherence; one dusky pigment at a time.

Turbulent clarity. A beautiful juxtaposition don’t you think? It’s the sort of contrast that brings reality into disrepute, like placid pandemonium or controlled chaos. Ripped from the same vivid compendium, Hive Society have produced a moody number that prevails in its conjugation of textures as it forages through a polished vortex of heavy patterns. 

The irony of its title lies in the transparency of its message, unfolding an insight into the delirium of abject paranoia. To remonstrate with your own sanity is like trying speak through broken teeth, but frontman Rishi Saluja adopts a linear narrative that chews the meat and spits out the bones. 

The Manchester-born clique are, as their name suggests, a finely tuned machine with unorthodox practices. I mean you wouldn’t typically call quantising feedback a production 101, but shunning the rule of thumb is their pièce de résistance. There’s a manic King Gizzard familiarity ingrained within their sound, evoked by subtle drones of sizzling fuzzbox and an uncanny ability to conceal angst with lyrical obscurity.

Possessing overtones of post-punk is never a bad thing. Any self-respecting nomad revels in the idea of conceptual assault, and Hive Society are no different. It’s impossible to see into the future, for the state of subsequence is like an opaque mirror, yet this record shines a stirringly anarchic light at the bands blossoming potential. Impalpable chills? Agreed.

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