Crate-Digging With Toolroom Records – Vol. I

We’ve teamed up with the esteemed Toolroom Records to bring you the newest releases from the vibrant world of House music.

Mark Knight & Beverly Knight feat. LCGC – ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’

Toolroom Records

Superseding last year’s smash hit ‘All 4 Love’, Toolroom Records chief Mark Knight has delved back into the catharsis of crate digging in this infallibly authentic slice of genre fluidity. Disco-infused staccato strings meld into four-on-the-floor kicks, splicing the distinction between funk and jazz with a decadent spin of the wrist. ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ shows melancholy the middle finger, breathing from an endless tank of optimism and positivity that grabs you by the cheeks and slaps a gaudily drawn cheshire cat grin across it.

The dynamic pipes of chanteuse Beverley Knight lilt like an arbour of nightingales above crisp, off-beat hi-hats that tick and flicker like an astronomical clock. Swathes of mellifluous harmonies serenade the spirited instrumental, provided by the industrious London Community Gospel Choir. As the lead single from his forthcoming debut album, Knight has his feet firmly planted in the rich stylistic archives of the 70’s and 80’s;

Alex Preston – ‘Love You Better’

Toolroom Records

In 2020 Steely Dan frontman Donald Fagan was asked about the significance of their hit single Peg, in which he replied “there’s no hidden meaning, we just wanted a dotted half note for that spot in the song and Peg was short enough to fit with the music” – little did he know it would in fact defy his own words in its inspiratory qualities for one burgeoning Sydney disk jockey.

Written from the perspective of a jilted boyfriend, Dan’s blues infused number has received a glistening transformation, transmuted into a one way ticket to the sun-kissed dunes of bondi beach. Nuances of sunny pop- embellish layers of jazzy vocal harmonies and cubed brass chops, singing ardently from Preston’s guitar-led hymn sheet. Though the original was heavily sampled by De La Soul in 1989, Preston has reimagined a cult classic from the electronic , paying it the utmost respect in his meticulous choice of stem snippets.

With vehement advocates spanning the likes of Pete Tong and Fat Boy Slim to Danny Howard and Toolroom’s own Mark Knight, the vibrant Australian has the world at his masterful fingertips.

Sllash & Doppe – ‘Off My Mind’

Toolroom Records

They say a real cousin is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out, and for this dynamic Romanian duo, there have never been truer words spoken. With a playful approach to electronic production, Sllash & Doppe have sportively dropped the metaphorical stylus right on the dot of tech house in their new offering ‘Off My Mind’. 

As their onomatopoeic monikers suggest, chunk meets grit in an unwaveringly uniform sequence of crisp hi-hats and whomping kicks. The saturated warmth of tight piano stabs, sit underneath a wistful vocal cadence that echos ethereally through the mix. Like the embossed grooves of a vinyl record, the dyad possess a distinctively engrossing sonic fingerprint that continues to adorn speakers across the globe. Support for their craft has been thick and weighty, with endorsement from industry heavyweights Solomun, Bedouin, Blond:ish, Martin Sloveig and Roger Sanchez.

Yes blood is thicker than water, but I think you’d have a hard time arguing its worth against the bulk of this bassline. 

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