Adrian Prath Pens Woozy New Offering ‘Wishes’

Under the nascent of the yawning sun, Big Thief meets Radiohead’s In Rainbows in this zany slice of alternative folk.  

Songs have the power to define moments in time. Our minds naturally associate sonics with environments. Like the glistening shimmer of a Juno-106 exudes the thought of those warm summer evenings of cavorting and alcohol-induced merriment; Adrian Prath has encapsulated this sentiment.

‘Wishes’ delineates the momentary grogginess of sleep inertia with ironic clarity. Have you ever felt that muzzy sensation just after waking up from a cleansing snooze? Well this is the soundtrack for that very instance. As the brittle tick of straight drums set the rhythmic tone like percussive alarm clock, a dense lattice of contrapuntal guitar riffs frame the flux of hormones that imbue into the brain; sparking a fluttering wave of wakefulness. Prath has, with supreme virtuosity, encapsulated the disorientation of the early morning, detailing those serene moments of exploration and discovery with his own atmospheric montage

Hailing from the southwestern corner of Germany, Prath cuts a refreshingly modest figure, revelling in his shortcomings whilst celebrating the dyed-in-the-wool notion of  fallibility. The city of Karlsruhe lies in the shadow of the Black Forest, a mysteriously dense thicket with historically fantastical properties; where whispering elms hide between the stubborn opaqueness of thread-like beeches standing cheek by jowl.

Despite the bedroom pop sticker, to label ‘Wishes‘ as homespun slightly detracts from its esteemed level of production. Studio quality music is naturally only achieved in a studio, and yet Prath reaches a level where those boundaries are wholly blurred with a bountiful stroke of instrumental ingenuity.

The multi-faceted singer-songwriter ventures into songwriting with such an unflinching approach that produces a luscious flow of sentimentality, manifesting his output into a genre of its own; fluid, unsettled, yet fully sustained in its own grandeur.

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