ilonalowe Releases Wistful New Single ‘Once Again’


Sat candidly between the glint of hindsight and the cathartic qualities of scrutiny, West London’s newest brooder dives headfirst into the thorn of recidivism. 

Ilonalowe believes it’s time to get your mind right and your grind right. A declarative far easier said than done. They say old habits die hard, but they never tell you why.  

In this folk-driven instance the heavy doors of confidentiality have been left slightly ajar, simulating the capricious nature of self-reflection. Ilonalowe’s narrative is as straight as a die, following the orthodox chronicle of self-destruction from her own delicate manuscript. “Once Again” hybridises traditional acoustic sensibilities with the modernity of alternative folk, creating a nebulous melting pot that administers spades of solacement.

The third-party in a relationship isn’t always a person. In any of my relationships – friendships included – I have a tendency lean into insecurities, and it becomes this third invisible entity that gets in the way. I just wanted to personify the way that I give in to what’s not good for me and become neglectful of my relationships, much like an unfaithful partner would.

In recent years the DIY label has lost its potency, mainly down to the fact that many deem writing the song is enough to warrant the artist as a homespun creative, however behind the pen name, I can confirm that Marnie Burt personifies it in absolution. There’s a honeyed inflection in her vocal delivery that soothes whilst hiding a nuance of forebody, like the sweet voice of a siren tempting mariners to their watery doom.

To quote Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”, and with this entrancingly misty number, ilonalowe has hit that proverbial nail on the head.

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