Deep Tan Unveil Their Provocatively Sleek New Offering ‘Hollow Scene’

Subsumed under a cloud of tenacious minimalism, passion meets bluster as the neoteric troika frame mischief with deadpan rationality.

Brutalism emerged as a post-war product of the modernist movement, characterised by an emphasis on self expression. Fast forward 70 years and these greyscale structures are analogous to London’s bodacious up-and-comers. 

With an icy bite to match their matter-of-fact disposition, Deeptan aren’t afraid to shoot from the hip, and in retrospect, why should they be? There’s an unfettered swagger ingrained within their aesthetic, lingering like a conspicuous watermark that you feels unashamedly welcoming. 

Their latest contribution “Hollow Scene” beautifully foreshadows the contents of their hotly anticipated debut EP “Creeping Speedwells”, dressed to the hilt in hypnotic nuances; think Excès Nocturne but grittier. From the sulky shadows of East London, the spirited clique have incontrovertibly arrived with only on thing on their mind; admonishing nihilism with a discerning wag of the finger. 

Post-punk is as well traversed a genre as any, but Deep Tan have truly honed their own corner and made themselves at home; all you have to do is knock.

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