Fijitrip Shares Galvanic New Instalment ‘Private Social Network’

Bedecked in voguish glad rags, the effervescent rebel has boldly traversed through the flamboyance of hyper pop in this sizzling contortion of reality.

Maximalist, unapologetic and fucking enthralling. Welcome to the world of Norway’s eccentric newcomer: Fijitrip. 

Forget everything you think you know about convention for a second, take a deep breath, and get ready to channel your contrivance. Picture the eccentricity of Sufjan Stevens, a true oddity of fantastical lexis. Now twin it with the contemporary glitz of the 1975 and you’re somewhat close to deciphering the algorithm. 

I released music for the first time ever (April 2020) in the middle of a global pandemic, and I will do the same this time around, I’m genuinely looking forward to a future where I can plan an album cycle where it’s normal to play shows again, now it’s all a big pause. Hopefully I can help someone with my art/music living a bit tough right now (as we all do), someone might connect with it on a more personal level, that’s what I aspire to be.

Who knew the esoteric confines of a micro genre could have its boundaries pushed to near modification, but in his attempts to rehabilitate the post-internet culture, I can only confirm that our vivacious bohemian has wholeheartedly succeeded. Between a matryoshka doll of influences and his Gen Z aesthetic, Fijitrip has administered a controlled level of chaos that revels in its own exhibition. Like the quantised rattle of an untamed washing machine, the drums snicker and crash into the brilliantly obtrusive twang of staggered guitars. 

Private Social Network is an oxymoron in itself; but don’t let this casual description fool you; it really is as exotic and thrilling as his moniker suggests. 

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