Ormiston Dismantles Superficiality In His Sophomore Release ‘Step From The Limelight’

With spades of first-listen appeal, candid story-telling meets glistening electronica as yacht rock undergoes an extensively stylish transformation.

The scene is set. A nebulous cloud of water based haze surrounds the vinyl flooring. Up steps the main event, bathed in a white spotlight that wraps itself around the blood red curtains, dressed to the hilt in a single breasted 5-piece suit. As the onlooking crowd whistle and shriek in expectation, filling the room with pants of bated breath, you’d be led to believe that our entertaining act fully endorsed their imminent performance, but there’s more than meets the eye in a world as convoluted as ours.

Finding credence amongst sincerity, ormiston muses on gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson’s ‘are we human or are we dancer?‘ analogy, examining the argument that humans are subjects of society instead of free-spirited beings. Within its glitzy skin is a message far weightier than it’s ostentatious persona suggest, then again why not go the whole metaphorical hog and combine substance with style.

Hailing from Canada’s second city, the Montreal native eschews from genericism, morphing all the gleaming hallmarks of indie-pop into the subjects that many of us choose to internalise for fear of judgement. This latest record draws on sources of smooth soul and vibrant splashes of psychedelia, easily passing muster with the likes of Tame Impala and MGMT.

It’s a bold idea to suggest that there are no societal norms and people are just exceptions to a rule that doesn’t exist. However combining that profound rhetoric with a delay drenched soft falsetto and shimmering waves of sweet pop melodies proves that stepping from the limelight may not be such a bad thing after all.

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