Faerie Shares Her Cosmic Escape In ‘re: invite to the moon’

The dreamy New-Yorker shrouds herself in melancholic romanticism on her lunar expedition to find solace.

The mystery of our only natural satellite is a silver bullet for any chronic daydreamer. Sat up there, all alone, looking on pensively as billions of lives coexist in delicate harmony. With a luminous glow yearning to catch the attention of the curious few who gaze up at its chalky complexion, the lonely star has piqued the interest of one disillusioned songstress who finds herself pining to escape the city of dreams; ironic right?

Reducing a melting pot of soul, pop, and folk into the salient essentials, Faerie sentimentally burns the midnight oil under the watchful eye of the night sky, scribing a final set of billet-doux’s to her dearest confidants before the interstellar voyage. As the twinkling decay of marimbas pulls itself ever closer to the experimentalism of neo-jazz, her euphonious lilt floats daintily through swirling touches from the ubiquitous Rhodes.

With one vibrant stroke of her brush, Faerie paints an evocatively precious picture tinged with heavy heartedness. The contrast between uncertainty and confidence makes for a dazzlingly alluring spectacle, where both the listener and narrator find themselves asking the most intimate questions. Yet on the end of this irrepressible sense of self-doubt are answers that can never be answered, but you get the feeling that our heroine doesn’t need lexical reassurance, her mind is already made up.

Escapism is a universal tendency. For some it’s the feeling of being whisked away to a sun-kissed cathartic paradise, where your troubles are reduced to grains of sand that drift into the breeze. In this case, the mystical aura of our spherical companion is Faerie‘s nirvana, and this is an invite we’ll definitely RSVP to.

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