Blanks Disseminates The Magic Of Love In ‘What You Do To Me’

Adorning an oversized blazer with gilded shoulder pads to match, the dutch-born virtuoso has produced a glistening opus of ’80s synth-pop.

Vibrant, vivid and shroud in pure magnetism. Three adjectives to describe the exuberance of Simon de Wit, the spirited identity behind the moniker. Since his debut single ‘Pictures’ graced the airwaves back in 2017, the singer has been on an assiduous journey to prominence, gaining a vehement following to go alongside his majestically accomplished discography.

Like the polished acrylic finish of an LED dancefloor, his latest offering shimmers underneath the neon glow party lights, oozing with a colourful radiance by virtue of soaring string pads and sparkling vocal processing. There’s a wholesome finesse ingrained within every element, triggering an excitable edge that refuses to waver, and in hindsight, why would you want it to?

“I wanted to write a song that feels like an explosion of serotonin: ‘What You Do To Me’ feels just like that. Big synths, swinging drums, nostalgic vibes: I love it and I hope you too!”

Opulence greets vitality at the door, administering a sudden rush of glamorous adrenaline that invigorates the palette. With an uplifting rhetoric and the self-assuredness to match, it comes as no surprise that his name dances on the tongues of industry professionals across the planet. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and love is a capricious and fickle noun, but Blanks has glorified its irresistible properties with a refreshing transparency that cannot be disputed: there’s no need to watch this space, because he’s already claimed it.

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