Galactic Dust Are ‘Done With The Chase’ In Their Sparkling New Instalment

Grabbing gender stereotypes by the scruff of the neck, the north london trio have spanned the stylistic sphere in this unshackled spectacle of boundary-blurring hybridity.

The big smoke, the square mile, whatever you like to call it. It’s a place of dizzying pace, where idleness and lethargy become lost within the frenzied rat race. Beyond the romanticised portrayal of city living lies a concrete jungle with a host of unwanted accessories; but not everyone conforms to this chronicle.

With a proudly horizontal middle finger pointed brazenly at the face of London’s expeditious work culture, Galactic Dust have playfully fortified the ironic sense of solitude in a city of 10 million people.

Adorning a set of rose coloured glasses, the confident troika place female empowerment at the top of their agenda, melding the bitcrushed warmth of staccato percussion within a shimmering 90’s aesthetic. It’s unconventional, but all the best things are.

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