Jonahh Raises A Glass To Heartbreak In His Debut Single ‘IDKW’

Filled with contemplative distinction, the Scandinavian newcomer has produced an candidly fashionable ode to every broken heart.

A breakup is as intricate as a spiders web. The sleepless nights wondering where it all went wrong, yearning for a chance to utter the things you never said knowing full well that the remedy has been found wanting.

From the icy clutches of Norway’s west coast, Jonah Bjerga has fervently opened the page on an saliently personal chapter in his own personal novella. The story is a relatable one, one I’m sure every reader must have gone through at least once, a heartbreak, and the crippling realisation after of precisely how bad things were and how they had gotten to that state in the first place. The result is an incredibly impressive first serving, full of clean pop production, set amongst a messy concoction of punchy 808s and introspective lyricism.

“For me, it felt important and rewarding to be able to write, as well as to be allowed to publish this song. It has allowed me to process a time in my life where most things seemed hopeless, and made me understand what I need in a relationship. I also hope that the song can help others understand that you should not be in a relationship that does you no good, and that you always have to put yourself first. ”

In one delicious slice of electro-pop, Jonahh has demonstrated his undeniable ability, conferring both an invigorating chorus and a moving narrative to support it, the contrast of which forms the main conceit of the track; and this conceit serves as a testament to sorrow and recovery. Not only is the weighted emotional content relatable, but its energising charm can’t help but put a smile on your face; a fat 5 stars from us.

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