Hawke Ruminate Over Transient Love In Their Brooding New Single ‘Molly’

From the speakeasy watering holes of Merrion Row to the electric atmosphere of Vicar Street, the bushy tailed Dublin-duo have orchestrated a melancholic tale of a cursory dalliance veiled in a vertical tricolour of green, white & orange.

Ahhh Molly. A name of Hebrew origin meaning “bitter”, equivalent to the hoppy complexities of Guinness brewed merely miles away from this assiduous dyad. It’s a name shroud in Gaelic sensibilities, given to the 19th century martyred reformers of Pennsylvania and the enigmatic heroine coined in the Irish capital’s signature anthem.

The familiarity stops there however, with the anonymity of this spectral figure fuelling the glowing embers of this passionate anecdote. With a faux-punk pashmina draped across her back, the unsuspecting protagonist has burgeoning aspirations of romantic grandeur, lingering underneath a malty sweetness that brazenly hugs the indie-rock blueprint. Palm-mutes shrug against broad Irish phonetics, accentuating the cultural propensities of its title; partisan to fellow contemporaries Fontains DC.

Though allegro in pace, underneath its fervent demeanor lies a down-to-earth innocence, bricked up like adolescent sincerity. Any hint of a torch song is inadvertently quashed by the underlying aura of youthfulness; evoking memories of juvenility, where every moment plays out in slow motion as adulthood stands and watches with hands clenched in fists of envy; the weight of £1.40 feeling like a golden ingot in your pocket.

Promiscuity is often a shamefaced state, but this delicious slice of sonic nostalgia is anything but. The dynamism of Richie Power & Eoghan Mac Mahon is, in colloquial terms, ‘shit hot’, and to label them as tenacious doesn’t come close to flattery, I mean three singles in as many months is no easy feat. Finishing with the immortalisation of Molly’s intrepid legacy, her phantom grip pulls the curtains to on this dazzlingly evanescent encounter, leaving just enough room for the possibility of an encore; and only time will tell how long we’ll be left waiting for our hosts to return to the stage.

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