Cyrano Salutes Those Magical Twilight Hours In His Dazzling Debut Single ‘White Wine’

Like the sweetness of an Australian Chardonnay and the free-spoken simplicity of a Sauvignon Blanc, the London-based multi-instrumentalist has raised a crisp and refreshing glass to the night owls among us.

Eventide, the most magical and visionary of all hours. As the diffused light of the veiled sun scatters rays of colour across the sky, a pinkish hue embellishes the scenery, signalling for the wool-gatherers and starry-eyed idealists to engage in their multidimensional discussions. Often the greatest and most philosophical conclusions are decided during these ephemeral junctures, and bright-eyed newcomer Cyrano has gingerly placed his goblet down and joined in the conversation.

With the venetian blinds slightly ajar, we’re invited to toast the beauty of spontaneity, serenaded by crisp hints of slap-back percussion and floral aromas emanating from the glazed keys. Cyrano has doused his narrative in contemplation and decanted a flavourful, yet sophisticated jigger of indie-pop into our bloodstreams, posing the question; is it possible to get drunk on introspect?

there’s something quite alluring about those early hours; the ambience and tranquillity provides a soft focus, away from the modern-day distractions of the world’s routine. I’m forever chasing the hours of night when time becomes elastic and I lose myself in the space of sound.


From midnight oil burners to pillow talkers this single is a soundtrack to nocturnality, and like a fine wine it gets better with age, or play in this case. Oxymorons aside, the hazy mien gives an insight into an insomniac’s paradise, dripping with tranquil subtleties that frame the nirvana of a nyctophile. Shades of punctured brass envelop into the mix like the light spicy notes of a pinot grigio, rounding off its flavour with a sumptuously tangy finish.

The record and its author possess all the qualities of an intricate chenin blanc, well balanced, versatile and with an honest complexion that leaves you hankering for another sip. With a debut EP on the horizon, Cyrano has allowed his potential to breathe, and like the White Wine this single gives its name to, his glistening output will only mature with time.

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