808G Jabs At The Fantastically Abnormal In His New Single ‘glOw’

The Argentinian multi-instrumentalist has devoured his pie in the sky in this vibrantly eclectic tale of mechanical autonomy and one man’s intergalactic mission for communication.

From the aforementioned synopsis, you could be led to believe that the man behind the moniker is one eccentrically progressive character; and you’d have hit the proverbial nail on the head if you were.

Amidst the regurgitated motifs of love, loss, elation and tragedy in modern music, Juan Ignacio Diaco Vidal has brazenly brushed aside any notion of genericism in favour of a far more neoteric blue-print. This off-kilter dreamscape contains a plethora of sonic riches beyond any dream of avarice, audaciously juggling nuances of trip-hop, electro-indie, R&B, dream-pop and rioplatense. Like being caught within the surrealist brainchild of directoral mysticist Alejandro Jodorowsky, Vidal has created a single so avant-garde that it’s been there, done that, and prized the t-shirt away from your subconscious, I mean we’ve all wondered what it would be like if technology took over, haven’t we?

In literature, the works of Robert Sheckley & Peter Riva scratch at the surface of technological singularity from a written perspective, albeit a slightly evaluative one, but 808G has gracefully fallen into our laps to relay a sonic and visual interpretation of a warped reality, set in the convolution of modern day. Like Ménage à Trois between Gorillaz, Daft Punk and Tame Impala, the instrumental enthralls as much as it intrigues, moving heaven and earth on a post-genre adventure towards stylistic fluidity. Harbouring an outlandish essence as alien as the extraterrestrials his character attempts to make contact with, the accompanying Miguel Usandivaras and Micol Talso directed music video only accentuates the persona a multi-faceted South American who possesses more flair than an 80’s dance floor.

There’s an escapist within all of us, and if you’re looking for a temporary reprieve from normality, even for a brief moment; glOw will do exactly that.

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