Elijah Miller Manifests His Inner Imperfections In The Indie-Pop Inspired ‘Soft’

From the hardfaced bouncers that govern the success of our alcohol-fuelled nights out, to the over-zealous tenacity of a shrieking drill sergeant, we all have a soft side. It’s a subconscious part of our psyche that many choose to leave subdued, and yet the stigma around it has undergone a drastic and much-needed transformation.

Dipping the candid tip of a quill into an iridescent pool of introspective ink, Miller has fervently traced a heart-shaped outline on the sleeve of his candy blue jumper, opening up on his own emotional diffidence. Now would usually be the part where I wind on about the ‘brooding lyrics’, or even the captivating cadence of the ‘resonantly crisp drums’, but instead i’d rather you indulge me for a second as I personify the single in one brief pictorial moment; so get your imaginative head on:

You’re strewn languorously across the warm embrace of a reclining lounger, exhausted from the 3 margaritas you consumed not 20 minutes prior to a well deserved swim in the infinity pool. The amber glow of the sun projects a hue of maroon onto the undulating ripples that cavort to the rhythm of your ensuing playlist. As the light descends gracefully into its arc-like path, tucking it’s head under the top of adjacent cocktail bar, the music suddenly skips from the generic four-to-floor house remix you’ve been listening to all day, to something soft-er… if you pardon the pun. Opening to a tropical percussive cacophony of maracas, guiros & palitos, the refreshing chorus laden guitar-riff replenishes the urge to fortify your body with yet another luscious aperitif, but you wait until its over, savouring the stimulating resonance of every note and word. As you amble towards the air-conditioned confines of the palatial saloon, you can’t help but feel mollified by the last 3 and a half minutes, feeling as if you should be paying a receptionist after a cathartic session of therapy.

To label it as ‘bedroom pop’ would be detrimental to its sophistication, but it does have all the home comforts of those sacred four walls. There has been an ascending buzz around Miller and his sumptuous discography for a while now, and it’s only a matter of time before that glass ceiling breaks.

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