Bad Pop Release Brand New Deluxe Version Of Their Self-Titled Debut Album

Vancouver’s eccentric mavericks have thrown the metaphorical toys out of the pram, returning to the fore with their exhilarating blend of fuzzy and off-kilter punk rock.

When you think of Canada, you’re drawn to it’s natural beauty, the abundance of wildlife that scuttle unhindered across miles of spellbindingly isolated roads. Now close your scrapbook and listen up, this band don’t conform to stereotypes.

Bad Pop are a walking contradiction. An unapologetic blend of satire and distortion that broods with an inviting menace, like that kid your mum told you not to hang out with for fear of negative influence, but the thrill to misbehave was compelling and incredibly addictive. 

Rawer than a still-mooing steak, the trio have thrown themselves head first down the same pop-rock rabbit hole that garnered them so much attention over past few years. This self-titled deluxe album is exactly what it says it is, a sumptuously ostentatious crate of original bangers and hidden treasures, harbouring a juvenility that whisks you back to the carefree days of youthful innocence. It’s a salty and sweet concoction of frustration and contentment, served on lingering bed of vexation that runs unperturbed throughout the record.

“The Deluxe LP is the original Bad Pop LP packed with bonus tracks that we recorded around that time! Some covers, some older songs, some live songs, and one brand new single ‘Pieces Fit Right’ was recorded at Strong Room studios while we had a few days off on tour in London. If you saw Bad Pop play, you would have heard a lot of the songs on the Deluxe LP.” says frontman Chris Connelly.

After a 3 year hiatus, the well-seasoned nomads have hit back with a frenzied maturity, producing a capricious and volatile body of work that encapsulates the monotony of adulthood. From pillar to post they’ve left no stone unturned, baring a sly but inviting smile like a mischievous teenager, and you can fully expect that they’re here stay for the long haul this time. Pure, unadulterated, chaos.

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