Maida Rose Face Self-Doubt Head On In Their Evocative New Single ‘Where Do We Go’

Playing on the naivety of adolescence, the dutch duo have administered a sumptuous dose of dream-pop in this glistening tale of denial and contemplation.

Soul-searching. We’ve all done it, even if we won’t admit it to ourselves. In some instances it’s used to reclaim the person we once were, in others to broaden a lost horizon. Set at the book-end of a deep rooted courtship, where do we go dissects the notion of indecision, exposing our innate impulse to cling on to someone, no matter how detrimental it may be. Hidden under her celestial breath, lead singer Roos Meijer croons from the comforting confines of a chaise longue, reeling off a thread of suppressed memoirs as a cathartic release of emotional frustration.

With the tender allure of an outstretched hand we’re led sleepwalking into the misty scenery, basking in a placidity that seeks to soothe itself with lashings of ambient reverb and textural warmth. With its mawkishly romantic complexion, it would be an unflustered accompaniment for a twilight night of stargazing and philosophical conversation. If you close your eyes for a second you could even imagine it, laying on the soft embrace of a grass verge as the sky glints above you; hit with the feeling that serenity never felt so palpable.

‘The song takes place at the end of a long-term relationship, where the realization starts to sink in
that you need to rediscover who you are when not being with your partner anymore. It’s a phase
of denial, after unsuccessful attempts to let your lover go.’

Alongside the songwriting prowess of Javièr den Leeuw, the pair have flawlessly synthesised modern into vintage, blending the atmospheric qualities of glistening synths and serene vocal harmonies with the plucky cadence of a muted hofner-style bass, producing a polished spectacle that evades any thought of garishness. As Meijer laments so beautifully in the chorus, ‘sometimes we get stuck in repeat‘, but as the frosty grasp of winter slowly relinquishes to the vibrancy of spring, that sense of tedium will start to subside into the graceful arms of normality.

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