Annabel Allum Drops Zestful New EP ‘hear me out b-sides’

Drenched in sulky shades of 90’s grunge, the art-rock sensation has thrown caution to the wind in this beautifully cathartic release of claustrophobic irritability.

The feeling of isolation has almost become a visceral emotion, an exhausting response to an enforced sense of cabin fever. Like a department store mannequin, Allum has painfully lamented on the distressing monotony of feeling immobilised, gazing languorously at the world as it escapes her motionless clutches.

Contorting a linear narrative, the record harbours all the textural qualities of slacker-pop, and yet I feel that implies a lack of effort; which couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything it breathes with a zeal and fervency that borders on puckish, toying with the idea that there is sanity in madness. As an instrumental piece it vigorously stirs its own melting pot of influences, from the fuzzy alt-indie Mouse In His Mouth akin to Bombay Bicycle Club’s debut album I Had The Blues, to the melodic melancholia of the Everything But The Girl inspired Boys Do Cry.

“This song is a product of sitting with myself for too long. Yes, it exhausts me to do nothing. For a moment in time, I have had to live an organized, disciplined life. I am a doll in a doll’s house, waiting to be let free, desiring the less ordinary, and the life I could once call mine.”

Allum on the lead single ‘Ordinary Life’

It’s not easy to translate thoughts into sonics, especially when trying to contextualise an unforgiving stream of consciousness. These unprecedented times have left many of us trawling across our subconscious and Allum is no different. Her speeding train of thought heads full speed into the walls of exasperation, riddled with a gritty stoicism that embellishes itself within a dusky compound of lazed drums and celestial vocals. The level of diligence in this album is gawk-worthy, it satisfies every sonic craving that could be satisfied. Amidst the fibres of its dysphoric fabric Allum has carefully hidden pockets of optimism within the gloom, reminding us all that ‘Ordinary Life‘ is within touching distance.

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