Sarah Connolly Yearns To Forget In Her Captivating New Single ‘Wishing Bone’

Playing on the proverb ‘never run back to what broke you’, the beguiling Geordie has given a wistful salute to the past in this irresistible slice of alternative-pop.

The Ancient Romans believed when two people pulled apart a Wishing Bone, the person left with the larger piece got the good luck, or a wish granted. Like the often painful severing of a relationship, the hard truth is that sometimes both vanquished souls end up with the short end of the stick, or bone in this case.

With its fantastical imagery and pulsing sentimentality, Connolly has bravely turned to face her own indecision, lilting an obstinate narrative that compels the listener to lose themselves within the hazey composition. It’s never easy to convey an earnest demeanor, especially when grappling the fragile nature of love, yet there is an honest convention embedded within the flowing stream of haunting textures.

There’s no dodging the fact it’s about being hooked on an ex, no matter how perfect and well suited new relationships are. I’m describing the feeling of being stuck in a rut and being your own worst enemy in finding love and happiness – knowing that’s the case but swimming against the tide regardless.

The misty adjective doesn’t cut it, not even the sinew. The scape leaves the listener dreaming, nestled on a sullen bed of brooding guitars and hollow reverb tales. The musical inflection echos the dreamy ethereality of Duran Duran’s Ordinary World, with Connolly’s angelic inflection mirroring that of Welsh chanteuse Duffy, emanating a soulful resonance with its breathtaking range and sparkling promise of passion. Not only is the mix tastefully gritty, but the ambient layers of delay and reverb add a heightened sense of placidity, almost as if to wrap a reassuring arm around you in solidarity.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Lucy Rose & Lianne La Havas, Wishing Bone and is another enchantingly original statement from an artist that defines her creations, continuing to serve up records that ignite the visceral emotions ingrained within all of us.

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