Ski Lift Release Joyous New Single ‘Portal’

The South-London trio have embraced the notion of change in this bright-eyed homage to the Paisley Underground movement.

Life is filled with adjustments, whether they be seismic or minute, provisional or definitive. By its very nature it implies two different things. One being an essential difference often amounting to a loss of what once existed, and the other a substitution of one thing for another. Narrating an unadulterated tale of acclimatisation, Portal follows the daunting challenge of trying to conform to our current convoluted zeitgeist; detailing one individuals journey into a vast unknown that poses as many opportunities as it does threats. Ok, maybe that was a little over dramatic, but moving from the scarce wilderness of the countryside to the urbanity of the capital is a daunting prospect, so you can forgive the hyperbole.

With it’s playful exterior and post-punk bravado, Ski Lift have taken the memoirs of youth and spun them into an invigorating trip back to the sun-kissed beaches of California during the bodacious 1980’s. On the subject of journeying, let’s embark down the literal road for a second. A portal defines change by means of scenery and landscape, transporting you through an often imposing entrance and into an alternative realm: this single does just that.

It’s a love song to nature, but also a peacemaking process with my new hometown of Croydon – having grown up in the beautiful countryside of the welsh border, I have always found the transition between city and country to be a strange and bewildering thing to experience. But I have learned over the years that you can find vibrant energy in the fields and forests, and peace and solitude in the midst of a bustling city, if you look for it.”

Picture the looming figures of time-worn billboards advertising the latest unhealthy craze, a sea of neon accessories adorns the bustling crowds, lighting up venice boulevard like the foaming surf that the wind severs from the broken waves. With a steady lean into the glistening pastures of surf-rock, you could visualise this record piercing through the miniature woofers of an old transistor radio. Much like the landscape of the ‘Generation X Decade‘, Portal is a melting pot of influences and ideas, melding the refreshing juvenility of The Beach Boys with a boisterous Clash-esque bravado that serves to revitalise and amuse with a reassuring slap around the face.

Comprised of Welsh songwriter Benji Tranter, bassist Ailsa Tully and drummer by Jovis Lane, the triad have constructed an indie-indebted sound that embraces the vintage textures of yesteryear, unafraid to delve into the archives for inspiration. Portal is the first of three new singles to grace our ears in the coming months, with this shimmering new offering a delightful example of their potential to live up to their name and reach the top of the summit.

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