INTERVIEW: Tête-à-Tête With Eosine

It’s probably a good bit of foreshadowing in naming their debut single after a distant star, as it seems that their future is equally as bright.

Belgium based Eisone’s debut single is a stunning homage to the best of the Shoegaze and Dream Pop movement. Wailing synths, pristine vocals and an incredible degree of contrast underpin a sonic journey unlike any other recent release. It’s not often a debut single can carry such esteem, but this little known four-piece are already cementing their place amongst the industry heavyweights, despite only forming at the beginning of the pandemic. There is certainly a lot of buzz around this lot, and we had the delectable opportunity to ask them a few questions, so, in their own words, meet Belgium’s most promising new band.

So, this is your debut release, and an unbelievably accomplished one at that. Seeing as you’re starting on a near clean slate, tell us a bit about the formation of Eosine and how the band came about?

I’ve composed songs in my room for about 3 years now, and wanted to show them to people around and to play them live and had the idea to create a band that could help me make my dreams come true. I decided to put some ads in bars around here. Now we’ve played with each other for like 7 months, and it seems like we were supposed to find each other, there’s a real feeling.

You previously cite your influences as Slowdive and Beach House, if you had the option, who would be your dream collaborators for the future and why?

I’m often a bit scared to collaborate, for now I actually rather enjoy composing alone. But maybe I’ll open up in the future and find out I can actually compose entire songs with others!

Who are the band’s members, and what do they play?

Chad Levitt plays the bass (and also runs an instagram account called pageformusicchads), Julia Billen is my cousin and plays the lead guitar and sings, Benjamin Franssen is our drummer and I, Elena Lacroix, am the lead singer, rhythmic guitarist and composer.

Belgium has a rich and diverse musical history, though shoegaze doesn’t seem to have a lineage, do you feel as though could be setting a precedent and are there any other bands in your music scene that we should be taking notice of?

The Belgian shoegaze scene actually exists, with bands like Slow Crush and Endz, and we would be amazed to be part of it as recognised members. I think we have a rich scene that really should be exported to other countries because of a very unique sound. I’m thinking of Girls in Hawaii (an alternative rock band which has terrific compositions) or Condore (an amazingly delicate project with pianos and celestial voices)

Antares is a single shroud in ambiguity, What would you say motivates your writing?

I am a deeply anxious person, and the feeling of being late, being overwhelmed in any way is really a great deal for me. I am constantly struggling to chase my dreams and that struggle inspires me a lot. As a science lover, I also enjoy adapting scientific concepts to my own feelings and quests.

What are your main influences, and what is it about those bands that you love?

We’re definitely into shoegaze and dreampop (like Beach House, Lush, Cocteau Twins,…) but we also dig into more ambient music such as Grouper. As a Belgian band, we’ve always been surrounded by some other Belgian bands with a typical sounding (Girls in Hawaii, Mud Flow,…) that influenced us in a way.

Can you recall the best gig you’ve ever played?

Our band was formed at the start of the Covid crisis, so we didn’t have the chance to gig a lot but soon comes!

Where was the single recorded and who was involved in its production?

I recorded the whole track (drums excluded) in my home studio (which was named “Tripping Studios”) and made the production of it, and then I went to another studio called Studio 5, with my drummer, for the drums and mixing/mastering.

What was the inspiration for this project?

Back to 2018 I went to a gig by a Belgian band called Pale Grey, and this really made me realise I could actually show my music to people by playing live. This event really changed my way to apprehend myself as a person, actually able to do the same things as those people I admire.

Can you briefly describe what the song is about?

Antares is a star, which means a distant but definitely real object. Antares is personalised, seen as a guide, but “in the same sky” certainly means competition and something to reach. In that song, I feel like a stone drifting by, but in the same universe, possibly spinning around and amass spatial particles, growing to glow as bright as the big red star.

What can we expect from you within the next 6 months?

We’re planning to record an EP and release it this year 2021. For the gigs, the current situation in Belgium makes everything hard to prepare, so it’s all quite uncertain. But as soon as it all is over; we’re definitely going to play around here in Belgium!

Summarise yourselves in 3 words.

Work, perseverance, passion.

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