ZUU & Johnny Voltik Team Up In Their Vivacious Debut Release ‘The Drip’

In one industrious swoop, the New York via London duo have morphed the chaos of Deathgrips into the mainstream appeal of Run The Jewels; literally melting the very pot that contains it.

Avant-garde is a phrase with alternative meanings. The noun representing the presence of experimental ideas, and the adjective describing an individual or collective who introduces new methods.

In this sparkling and eclectic instance, both have been perfectly defined. The Drip has no hesitation in throwing you head first down a sonic rabbit-hole and into a cultured acid trip of seismic sonic proportions. From being trapped in the chiptune 8-bit confines of the Super Mario universe, to brushing shoulders with Madlib and the wizardry of his Roland SP-303; these three electrifying minutes have it all.

You know the old saying time flies when you’re having fun? This single feeds the weight of that proverb, diliating 180 sizzingling seconds into what feels like a heartbeat; the colloquial term would be a ‘a banger of an earworm’. It’s as if the rebellious lovechild of The Sugarhill Gang and Eurythmics turned to the alluring escape of psychedelics, and in the process invented an entirely new and innovative blueprint as captivating as it is original.

Voltik’s myriad of references to popular culture morph into the fantastical paradigms of a graphic novel, filled with a bountiful collection of modern-day caricatures and dignitaries. With stylistic ideals rooted in four-to-floor 70’s funk and the sugary sweet notes of synth-pop, this colourfully eclectic soundscape pants and gasps as it attempts to catch its own breath.

Despite the dawn of the pandemic attempting to disrupt our precious equilibrium, the formidability of both artists sought to fight against this disruption. Having previously worked and performed alongside the likes of Django Django, Kelis, Busta Rhymes and Damien Marley, the dynamic duo have forged an imposing partnership that doesn’t just cut the mustard; it devours it.

With plans to drop an EP this spring already in the pipeline, this record is just a glimpse at what’s to come. I’ve never undergone intravenous therapy before, but if this experience is anything to go by, I never want the drip to end.

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