Bristol Rock Duo ‘Hazey’ Release Brooding Debut EP ‘Left to Wonder’

We are living at a time where anything seems to be possible. Short content has ripped the reins from the long-form, deftly installing a mentality of ‘the more the better’ into the depths of our cerebrum. In many instances this mindset would come as a detriment, but where the output of this west coast duo are concerned, it couldn’t summarise it better.

“Two mates making a racket” – that’s how the pair choose to describe themselves, but the truth is, their sound leaves nothing more to be desired.

Aiming to prove that less is more when solid songwriting is involved, their enigmatic new project breathes with a mature modesty, whilst incorporating a vibrant and colourful compound of thick liliting guitars and heavy drums; producing a wall of sound that you can’t help but lean tenderly against.

“A strong hefty slab of rock and roll. Top tune and strong start to your music career!”

BBC Radio Bristol

The EP opens with a venomous bite from ‘Kimberley’, a dark and introspective tale of incontinence that poses the age old question: are we really in control? It takes a real cynic to challenge someone’s sanity, but you best believe that Kim is the epitome; a cold hearted *****.

Lurking tentatively around the corner is ‘Saying Goodbye’, a stirring and rousingly sentimental experience, like greeting an old friend and feeling the long-lost electricity as you reminisce and reflect on the past. Written as an outlet of emotions for the pair whilst in its infancy, it speaks to the child in all of us that wishes we could wind back time and re-experience those memories that now find themselves bound to history.

This wave of mawkishness comes as the penultimate track, which unlike the title suggests, paints itself in a definitive and elegant cloud of grace: who knew it to be possible to feel nostalgia for something yet to be heard.

The third and final track ‘Bliss’ is another embodiment of its name; pure euphoria. Being drenched is often not a good thing, but the amount of chorus on these guitars poses an potent argument to that rule. Reminiscent of 80’s rock, Bliss displays a raw and unfiltered attitude towards authentic lyricism. Served as the most laid-back on the record, it serves as a reminder to to take a break from whatever is going on out there, in favour of taking care of yourself.

A fresh perspective and clear mind does wonders and this EP does well to remind you of this. They may be called hazey, but there’s nothing clouding my judgement when I say this EP is a beautiful piece of work.

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