JVT Da God Proves There’s No Smoke Without Fire In New Single ‘Mine’

Teaming up with fellow wordsmith Kloudy, the New York native has sampled his way to greatness in this imposing and burgeoning renaissance of sparkling hip-hop.

For those who indulge in the odd smoke every now and then, losing a lighter can go from a mildly irritating affair to a nightmare ordeal. Spending most of the evening scrambling through every pocket and crease in the hope that maybe, just maybe, it concealed itself within a seam, and eventually asking yourself – where do these inanimate sticks of plastic end up?

JVT & his stylised blend of rhythm and bravado have sought to put an end to this puzzling enigma, proclaiming that the catalyst is often our own generosity, gifting out the use of fuel like a BP tanker. Yet this single is far more inclusive that its title suggests, serves as a nostalgic ode to every smoke-guzzling degenerate, a group which I consider myself a proud member. It’s an often-funny musing on the nature of opportunity; which “like lighters […] you either claim or you don’t”.

Melodically akin to the Pro Era’s Chuck Strangers, the retro-futuristic production and winding brass backing is underscored by an infectious beat that stands strong next to the bombastic boom-bap of the ’90s. JVT Da God describes himself as a trippy hippy, often incorporating subtly philosophical themes into his writing. In a refreshingly abstract approach to lyricism, the author plays on the metaphysical musings of opportunity and our relationship with it. In one stunningly insightful approach, the metaphor of the lighter breathes with a universal truth yet retains a definitive aura, enough to feel deceptively profound.

Citing some of his influences as fellow contemporaries Joey Bada$$, The Underachievers and Logic, the sonic backdrop is a textured, vibrant and incredibly forward-facing spectacle, to the point that no other direction exists. Witty, poetic lyricism and squeaky-clean east coast vibes transmute into a shimmering gold track that emanates with the true essence of what it means to be old soul.

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