Youngdumblovers Have Called Time On Confinement In Their New Single ‘07960771268’

The clandestine collective have cavorted on the gloomy aesthetic of living in the monotony of suburban life in this shimmering slice of chill-wave.

The human mind is a convoluted place, a cavernous realm that manifests the processes of thought, perception, emotion, memory, and imagination. These chemical reactions are prone to instability, and adding in the fickle nature of youth will only serve to perturb the process.

Youngdumblovers are a group shroud in mystery, bound to an anonymity that refuses to concede. Their music however, blows the proverbial lid off this camouflage, framing a melancholic depiction of volatile adolescence far darker than their tongue-in-cheek moniker suggests.

Despite narrating from a destitute perspective, YDL have been refreshingly economical with the truth, stressing the feeling of being both suffocated and inspired by their environment. This offering recounts the visceral feelings of hope and anguish, two true antonyms at heart, but balanced ones nonetheless. As innocence immerses into sonic maturity, warm flourishes of pulsing synths and crisp splashes of stuttering hi hats combine in a stirring downtempo spectacle, akin to the harmonics of James Blake’s third EP Klavierwerke and the colourful vocal cadence of Grizzly Bear’s Edward Droste.

To feel like a bird in a gilded cage is currently as common as rain, trapped by the antagonistic rules of the pandemic. Though their name may convey a sense of ignorance, the lovers are redefining the traditional constructs of what a band can achieve, breaking down the barriers of convention with an impactful dose of dreamy lo-fi.

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